Newton Numatics offers a wide range of air cylinders, direction control valves and other pneumatic accessories. Newton manufactures Air Cylinders from 25mm bore up to 350mm bore with Strokes up to 1000mm & Direction control valves in Sizes from ¼” Bsp to ½” Bsp in 3/2 & 5/2 types with a variety of actuators like Hand, Foot, Pilot, Palm, Push - Pull, Roller Lever, etc.

Custom Air Cylinders

Newton Air Cylinders undergo rigid quality control during various stages of testing and are 100% final inspected before shipment. Apart from our Standard range, we also manufacture Tandem, Through-Rod, Duplex, Single Acting, Custom designed Air Cylinders to suit specific customer requirements... Read more

Direction Control Valves

Newton Direction Control Valves are used to actuate Air Cylinders and are available with various Actuator Mechanisms in 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" BSP / NPT Ports. We have extensive experience in Import Substitution and developing Air Cylinders and DC Valves and have earned customers’ constant trust... Read more

Hydro-pneumatic Locking Cylinders

Newton Numatics range of Hydro-Pneumatic Locking Cylinders are ideal for applications which require rapid approach, high force squeezing action over a short stroke and rapid return. Newton HPL Cylinders combine the low cost, efficiency and speed of Pneumatics with the huge thrusts provided... Read more

Reciprocating Hi-Pressure Pumps

Newton Reciprocating Hi-Pressure Pumps utilise the large area of Air-drive piston directly connected to a small-area pumping piston to produce low cost hydraulic power from available shop air. These Hi- Pressure pumps are powered and controlled by compressed air supply, and require no electrical connections. Their compact size, and ability to perform... Read more

Hard Chrome Plated Shafts & Tubes

We import and supply high quality Hardchrome Plated Shafts to serve you the growing essential needs of today's industries day to day functions... Read more